Friday, November 1, 2019

Paper media going Electronic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Paper media going Electronic - Essay Example References can be linked to abstracting services, from where abstracts or full texts of cited papers can be obtained, and similar publications can be retrieved based on the original article. Electronic versions of journals are available in advance of printed versions, and in addition users can browse the contents tables of forthcoming issues. Journal issues need not be shipped, thus avoiding delays due to mailing systems. Electronic documents can be accessed from anywhere at any time and by as many simultaneous users as needed (, 1998). The customers who subscribe for a news papers or online journals can get access anywhere in the world, thus avoiding carrying it while traveling. It is also a good mode to save paper and is eco-friendly. These innovations have proven to be good for the advancement of scientific community in a more ecological way. While most people recognize the need to save energy and recycle waste it takes much more than just awareness to get them to change their habits on a large scale. It takes a combination of measures of many different kinds, such as technical waste disposal infrastructure, legislation and taxation to get massive behavioral c hanges underway (Bjà ¶rk, 2004). Businesses are currently using what is referred to as information technology strategy to provide them with a competitive edge. Robert Livingston states â€Å"that the use of the web can reduce processing time by one-third.† Electronic publishing would be an excellent timesaving, cost effective solution. Our future is heading in the direction of transforming from print to electronics. Electronics will aid in streamlining production with a limited staff. Therefore the company can expect a reduction in cost, and the ability to deliver multiple sources of information in less amount of time all over the world. Electronic publishing, newspapers and books would be an excellent strategic and business goal. There are a few

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