Sunday, May 12, 2019

Issues in the Field of Engineering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Issues in the Field of Engineering - Essay ExampleThe National Academy of Engineering has accepted 14 grand challenges to the field of engineering in the 21st century. Managing nitrogen cycle is one of those 14 challenges that require immediate intervention (University of Iowa). Although the academic literature and previous studies have paid less upkeep to this issue compared to other challenges like global warming or climate change, it is really a reactive problem that can have terrible impacts on ecosystems and public health. The human-induced disruptions of the global nitrogen cycle forget in serious engineering challenges.The nitrogen cycle plays a central role in the intersection of food, and hence it reflects a crucial aspect of energy needs. The National Academy of Engineering describes in their meshwork article Manage the nitrogen cycle that Nitrogen cycle is considered as a process where the alchemy of Earth and life meets together as plants extract nitrogen from the ir surrounding environment to make food. ordinance the impacts of agriculture on the global nitrogen cycle turns out to be a growing challenge to the concept of sustainable development. According to the article Manage the nitrogen cycle, amino acids (building blocks of proteins) and nucleotides (building blocks of DNA) contain nitrogen as a major component, and hence all living things need this element. Nitrogen is supplied in inexhaustible amounts in our planet nitrogen makes up nearly four-fifths of the earths atmosphere and is present in the flesh of nitrogen molecules (National Academy of Engineering). However, the atmospheric nitrogen is not readily available for living organisms because nitrogen molecules rarely enter into chemical reactions. Dincer and Zamfirescu point out in their book that the large scale energy released from lightning strikes or the chemical abilities of some microbes

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