Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ethnic Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethnic Studies - Essay Example And now is not different from the past, America, despite of her resources and good life to its people faced countless issues regarding race, ethnicity and varied culture of its immigrants and the so called "native white Americans." These among others are continuously become a subject of heated debates and arguments from scholars, politicians and for every Tom, Dick and Harry. This essay will examine the theories and arguments presented by Patrick J. Buchanan's book entitled The Death of the West. Similarly, the essay will also discuss selected important jurisprudence and laws regarding the Ethnic Population in the United States of America. Buchanan's The Death of the West basically discusses migration of different people to the United States. The author gave his theories and arguments regarding the influx migrants from various parts of the world and how these migrants affects the current society of the United States of America. America was once described as the great melting pot of all the races of Europe which correspondingly paved the movement for reformation. Buchanan argued that the biggest immigration in recent years came from all races of Asia, Africa and Latin America to which Buchanan says "are not melting and reforming." (Buchanan: 3) Consequently, America is faced with an abyss for ethnicity and loyalty. In this line, Buchanan supported this argument by stating that among the US' 31 million foreign born, a third are illegal, tens of thousands are loyal to the regimes which the US are at war with and some are trained terrorists. (Buchanan: 2) These increase in migration are encountered due to varying degrees of social as well as legal factors and as such, it posed as a threat of deconstructing the American nation for the reason that people have more or less nothing in common in matters like common history, language, culture and ancestors among others. And as such, it may bring forth separatism on account of ethnic and racial background and ideologies. Buchanan in his work pointed out that due to this influx of migration, the United States risked itself on a so called culture war which afterward results in divisiveness among people. There are social and moral issues which confront the varied background of the people which lives side by side in the US. These issues might likewise be considered as "Transvaluation" of all values for the reason that old virtues become sins and the old sins become virtues. (Buchanan: 5) These are among the reasons of Buchanan which leads him to ask "Is the Death of the West irreversible" (Buchanan: 10) The work presented numerous data with regards the decline of the population of the so called Western Civilization vis--vis the increase in population of the so called third world countries. The decline in population among these westerners pointed out people of German, Italian, Russian, British and Japanese decent, which in the same way the author regarded to as superior races in terms of thinking and technological advancement and even economic gains. It can be inferred therefore, that the aforementioned races belongs to the world's highly industrialized zones which are considered to be movers and shakers of our time. Such decline in the population of

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