Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Research paper on sustainable fashion Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

On sustainable fashion - Research Paper Example The fashion industry has undergone a tremendous transformation over the years. Global fashion trends are in a continuous change and this has forced the industry to adopt new operational patterns. There is a growing need for high-class fashion products and services globally. Sustainability can be achieved through various means including, application of technology, proper management of human resource, and wise choice of supply chains. The fashion industry has been able to solve many issues associated with obstacles in sustainability and this has made it grow tremendously. This paper addresses the different way the fashion industry can approach in aiming sustainability and meeting the global fashion needs while adhering to the social and environmental laws. There are various issues that arise along the way as the fashion industry strives to attain sustainability. The issues that hamper sustainability in the fashion industry are both internal and external. Internal issues relate to management whereas the external ones arise from the economic trends outside the industry. One of the issues in sustainability in the fashion industry is the poor management of resources and overspending. Success in any business relies on how the resources are managed. The fashion industry faces various challenges in coming upon with a credible framework that can guide it in channeling its resources. The industry is vast and this makes it hard for the owners of fashion companies to come to terms on matters of expenditure. Additionally, the fashion industry has a poor cost control avenue and this translates into overspending. Although the industry boasts huge revenues globally, its income ends up in wasteful spending. Sustainability can be seen in the minimized operational costs and use of environment-friendly forms of energy. The fashion industry is complex and resource management issues arise making it hard to hit the mark of sustainability. One of the major issues arising in

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