Friday, September 27, 2019

Resource Project (Motivation) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7250 words

Resource Project (Motivation) - Assignment Example Carrefour is listed as the Europe’s leading retailer and the second-largest in the world followed by Wal-Mart. It was selected for this study because of its success and achievements in the world retail industry. In fact, more than 10 million customers annually visit Carrefour stores and 25,000 suppliers provide fresh food, grocery and other items such as small house-hold goods, textiles, home appliances (photo equipment, DVDs, sound and multimedia equipment) to these stores. Annual net sales at Carrefour amounts approximately 76,789million Euros of which forty-six percentage, proportion is generated in France and the rest from abroad. Fournier, Badin and Defforey founded Carrefour in France in 1959 with the purpose of â€Å"creating, acquiring and operating, in France and abroad, stores for the sale of all items, products, food and merchandise and, secondarily, providing within the said stores all services that may be of interest to the customers† (Carrefour 2012 p.272) . Now Carrefour is a multi-format, multi-channel and multi-local group, comprising of 9,994 stores in thirty three different countries in the Europe, America, Middle-East and Asia. Employee motivation is viewed traditionally as the â€Å"struggle to get more for less† because more the performance of individual employees, less the cost of salaries for the company (Perry & Porter 1982). Cutting down the number of employees however helped sustain some businesses during the last economic recession. It suggests the importance of improving the workforce productivity rather than hiring new labour. In a study conducted in Germany revealed the economic recession in 2009 affected employment in many companies. Some employers had modified employees’ working conditions and pay in addition to the employment levels and staffing measures. Example, 67% of respondents in metalworking and electrical industry, 53% of respondents in chemical industry, 47% of respondents in financial

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