Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Analysis of Stereotyping Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis of Stereotyping - Article Example This way, they neither challenge nor are challenged by any other person or group. However, building one's own perceptions, ideas and ideals bring new discoveries. Those who believe in self and not in stereotypes prosper. They challenge the norms and make progress. It is commonly believed that females cannot hold the key managerial positions in an organization, because of the false belief that they do not have a strong decision power (Koenig, Eagly, Mitcell, & Ristikari, 2011). On the other hand, history is full of those females who brought a revolution in the world. The most common example is Mary Kay, who initiated a company, in which she hired females for all kinds of jobs, from assistant manager to watch person. Hence in this fashion proved to the world that females can do any work, and demonstrated a strong character and will that is evidence of her strong decision making, thus proving the stereotype of females’ weak decision making. False beliefs are also playing a role o f guiding principles in evaluating the leaders based on their skin color (Carton & Posette, 2011). This bias is based on the deliberately created belief by whites, which explains blacks as distrusting and naive, but in reality, it is not the case. The prominent presence of Nelson Mandela, who fought for the rights of colored people and gained the support of them, through raising voice for their rights, is an example of wrong assumptions developed over time in the society. Leadership is an influence which can come through anybody irrespective of the skin color. So, it is suggested to the believers of this stereotype that, they should learn to evaluate a leader based on his positive influence on people’s lives because it is the true measure of leadership. On the other side, African Americans are wrongly believed to be less talented regarding their educational pursuits, so teachers are found to be less than willing to help them in grasping the concepts that are taught in the cla ssroom (Isaiah, 2011), by neglecting their queries. But research designates them as hardworking and committed towards their education. In the light of this statement, it is suggested to teachers to consider all of their students as equals, because their duty is, polishing the ability among the students, rather than devastating it. At the same time, this kind of behavior will compel these individuals towards taking a road leading to crimes and make them more prone to the risk of becoming criminals. The attitude of teachers has the potential to make or break the career of a student. Conclusion This paper attempts to provide a sufficient amount of logic to counter various false beliefs prevailing in the world community. However, these beliefs are myths and appear to be trivial at best, when analyzed through logical reasoning. Therefore, it is the best interest of humanity to forego these differences of color, gender and race, because after all, we are humans and only that matters. On t he other front, these stereotypes are hindering humanity’s progress, because of lacking synergies between different groups and nations. This paper argues that females are fully capable of demonstrating strong decision making, regardless of the false assumptions on their capabilities.  Ã‚  

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