Thursday, October 24, 2019

One Minute Manager Essay

Many people in today’s work world are always looking to become better organized and better people. In the book, The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson, the main character does just that. He was looking for the best managers out there. He ran into â€Å"tough managers†, whose organizations won while their people lost. He also ran into â€Å"nice managers†, whose people won but their organizations lost. Until, one day he ran into a One Minute Manager and was intrigued to learn more because this One Minute Managers’ organization & people won. So the One Minute Manager Organized for the main character to speak to three of his employees so he could further his research. The first person he spoke to was Mr. Trenell, who told him about One Minute Goal Setting. Mr. Trenell explained first how One Minute Goal Setting is for your manager and you to be able to agree on the goals and show what is acceptable. Second, write all your goals on paper with less than 250 words. With doing all these correctly you and your manager should be able to read and re-read all goals in a minute and see whether or not your behavior matches your goals. Intrigued by all this the main character wanted to learn more. The second employee he went to speak to was Mr. Levy, who told him about One Minute Praising. He learned that with exercising One Minute Praising correctly he must first tell people up front that their performance will be watched and praised immediately. Secondly, tell people what was done right and how it makes you feel. After all that give them a moment to make everything sink in. After the moment, encourage more of the same behavior and shake hands to show your support. Even more intrigued than before the main character continued. The third employee he spoke to was Ms. Brown, who informed him about a One Minute Reprimand. A One Minute Reprimand, he learned, was pretty much like a One Minute Praising but in reverse. You still let people know that their performance is being watched and you reprimand immediately. This time instead of you telling them something right you tell them something wrong and your feelings towards that behavior. Give them a moment and then continue to reaffirm sides, value, and good behavior. The most important thing he learned about reprimands is that once it’s over, it’s over. Completely intrigued by this One Minute Managers employees’, he wanted to know why it worked so he re-visited the One Minute Manager. The Manager explained that since the steps: One Minute Goal Setting, One Minute Praising, and One Minute Reprimand, were so easy to obtain anyone can easily do it. Finally, after learning all the proper steps to become a One Minute Manager he decides to try it for his own work. He up front lets his people know he is trying something new so he could practice without much criticism. He eventually masters the technique and becomes a One Minute Manager.

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