Friday, October 4, 2019

The Empowerment of People from a Vulnerable Segment of Society Essay

The Empowerment of People from a Vulnerable Segment of Society - Essay Example I would like to reach the highest level of professional excellence, both in terms of gaining knowledge and experience and at the same time, gaining appropriate status. My short term objectives are to gain experience in the field and strive to establish a good reputation as a person with an innovative and progressive approach towards the welfare of society. My focus would be on the empowerment of people from a vulnerable segment of society. Hence, efforts would include the creation of facilitating a platform for the acquisition of skills and necessary knowledge for their professional growth. University education has made me well equipped to meet the challenges of the current time. I am a highly creative person and my degree has further facilitated and widened my area of knowledge that would greatly help me to apply the informed choices in the manner that befits the needs of the people. Hence, five years hence, I see myself as a CSR consultant who would be devising ways and means for t he global businesses to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities. Last but not the least important would be the adoption of reflective practices in my personal and professional arenas. Looking back at our actions and critically assessing them provides an opportunity to improve and improvise the working techniques. In the professional arena, the feedback from the peer population and colleagues give important insight into the flaws of the methodologies adopted and give us a valuable chance to develop professionally. Thus, reflective practice in my personal and professional life would continuously help me to grow in the fast evolving environment of competitive business dynamics.

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