Monday, June 10, 2019

Event Risk Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Event Risk Management - Assignment ExampleThis is coordinated by the guess manager who controls the number of medical personnel to be present as well as the amount of equipments to be used. The equipments should be agencyd before the resultant begins. The personnel should also remain in place until the special event is over. There should be a communication plan to avoid conflict of interest in case of conflagration outbreak.According to Taylor (2002) the risk manager should plan for ambulances in case something happens. That is, the number of ambulances to be used as well as well as their passage to and fro the special event compound. People who reject medical attention should be documented to avoid legal issues later. There should also be a shelter to cater for the victims and medical personnel during rainy, sunny or extreme windy conditions. The medical official vehicles should also be secured to avoid cases of vandalism or theft.Fire incidences can promptly be controlled by t he use of smoke alarms. Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems should be checked to reduce the spread of fire. Use of an evacuation plan is highly necessary especially for the old, disabled and children. The evacuation plan should be read and explained to the participants in advance. The evacuation plan should be pre tested and discussed by the various fire officials to prevent the demonstrable fire incidence. The evacuees routes should be demarcated to necessitate ease during evacuation. Biochemical precautions should be taken care-of by consultations with the relevant experts. Biochemical hazards increase the intensity of the fire and it complicates the extinction of the fire (Taylor, 2002).The risk management team should ensure emergency power backups and phones are put in place to cater for emergences when need arises. Poison can be minimized by provision of hotline numbers for all poison control

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