Friday, June 14, 2019

Project Scheduling for Effective Project Planning and Management Essay

Project Scheduling for Effective Project Planning and Management - Essay role modelIn fact the basic goal of any project management is to develop high caliber engineering and technology products. In addition, the high quality project management practice of engineering products and technology can be a realistic activity that involves project management resources for each engineer, professional, experienced computer architecture and managers moving into management roles. Moreover, in order to ensure the high quality project development project managers as well as their team members jointly perform an important role. Furthermore, project team members and their awareness of high quality management practices, organized project improvement, development and maintenance procedures, are able to square up corporate success of or failure (Rose, 2005 Kerzner, 2006). This rive of the assignment presents a general discussion on project management and quality related concepts. This part discus ses the importance of quality in project management along with other issues that can influence the quality of project management. These aspects can be related to cost, benignant resource or project requirements.In order to ensure the development of high quality processes there is need to follow some rules and regulations defined by different organizations. Nowadays there are a number of certifications and standards which are commonly implemented as consumers demand high quality management and controls. In this scenario, project managers need to be conscious about technology and quality standards like that those published through the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), in addition to frequently ontogeny practices, and standards developed by international standard organization (ISO) (Futrell et al., 2001 Young, 2013 Sower et al., 1999).While managing quality in engineering project management, engineering standards and quality goals are essential heretofore not

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