Wednesday, June 12, 2019

It depends on which topic you choose Research Paper

It depends on which topic you choose - Research Paper ExampleThis paper evaluates knowledge intensive firms and workers in the Southern Company (SO) which is a public utility company focusing on production, wholesaling, and retailing electricity in the Southeastern area of the coupled States (Ruiz, Benefield, Horton, Nielens, & Akins, 2012). For more than a century, the Southern Company employees have been learning from their predecessors resulting in a workforce characterized by the accumulation of relevant knowledge for use in facilitating a long lasting commitment to the communities and customers they serve.With its investment in Knowledge base management, Southern Co used an IT Aids Post-Katrina Recovery system that enabled to desex for hurricane Katrina even before the 2005 storm struck. With this knowledge, the recovery from Hurricane Katrina was possible within 12 days unlike 28 days (McKeller, 2013). According to McKellar (2013), Southern Company is one(a) of the companies with notable modification of groundbreaking solutions characterized by innovation and agility to serve the companys customers and their communities.Today, Southern Company deploys unparalleled and comprehensive program in Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) that includes Engineering Information management (EIM) and a smooth asset document and data handover to promote maintenance and operations (Weitzman, 2015). In addition, SO has a great program through which it manages documents such a program to store drawing content and updating it with present conditions. In methodicalness to improve its document management, SO has invested in including asset references to drawings through investment in strong and productive relationships among people, technology, and process. This way, it will become possible for technology to animation documented processes through clear standards and procedures that can be executed by actual persons (Kavas,

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