Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Finace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Finace - Essay Examplelicly traded party can be defined as those companies which are involved in exchange its various securities like well-worns, bonds, etc to the public in general. The primary role of a publicly traded company should be to work for the interest of the public and disclose instruction almost all its company affairs to the public. It is so because all the investors and public in general would have access to same, meaningful and relevant information about the company, which would facilitate them in their decision making process.Fiduciary responsibility of the chief financial officer or Chief pecuniary Officer of a company means that the CFO has the responsibility of ensuring that the company is able to achieve its missions through the money generated by the firm. The CFO of a company also ensures that the vision of the company set by the executive directors is feasible and it does not result in the bankruptcy of the company (Burns 7). The fiduciary responsibility of CFO also includes that he should work for the interest of the company and its owners.Different types of exchanges operate within the financial and futures market places like, stock exchange, foreign exchange, etc. All these exchanges plays a vital role in the financial markets by regulating, assisting and irresponsible the business procedures involving selling, buying and dealing with securities like stocks and derivative instruments in the market. Its primary objective is to facilitate an efficient, attractive and well regulated market for the investors, companies, and intermediaries like stock brokers.In a broader sense financial markets are the places where different sellers and buyers take part in the trading of various financial instruments like stocks, bonds, derivatives, currencies, etc. Financial markets are characterized by having a pricing system which is transparent in nature, having trading regulations, including various transaction costs and are driven by market f orces that help in the determination of the prices of the

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