Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Asian Tourism Abstract Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Asian Tourism Abstract - Essay Example n of exterior promotional and publicity activities; systematize and inculcate training and education; and endorse international tourism communication and corporation. In addition, CNTA is responsible for normalization of the tourism market order, and offer supervision and management of quality; and organize the survey, planning, growth and fortification tourist resources. The organization is part of China’s government and is a Chinese government authority obliged to tourism development, and a subordinate to the state council headquartered in Beijing. Although it is an institution affiliated to CNTA the government, CNTA does not have any authority to act as a full Chinese government department hence it has no authority for regulation enforcement although it acts as an independent ministry on some instances. The institution is funded by the central Chinese government and but uses promotional and marketing activities to get additional funds beyond what is provided by the government. Promotional budget for tourism by the Chinese government is limited and for years, this amount remains low compared to nations like Korea, Singapore, and Malysia. It is for limited budgeting that the Chinese government CNTA to depend on other income sources like local government that comprise of social investment and Tourism Development Fund. The financing of the Tourism development Fund is by the collection of an inbound airport construction fee of CNY 20 for each person. In order to monitor the spending of CNTA funds, the Ministry of Finance has founded a budget enforcement live monitoring system and a budget spending performance evaluation. In addition, CNTA and the finance ministry are exploring to develop Tourism Satellite Account and evaluate government revenue estimates obtained from tourism to evaluat e the largely contribution of tourism to Chinese social development and government national economy (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 292). According to Airey

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