Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What caused Microsoft to stumble and lose billions in market Essay

What caused Microsoft to stumble and lose billions in market capitalization - Essay Example This is evident in a new world of information in social media and entertainment. The company failed to adjust to the post-PC world, and this saw companies such as Google, Samsung, and Apple gain more ground in the digital world. Another cause of the stumble of Microsoft has been a lack of diversity in the digital service and technology line that they boosted of controlling. For a company to adequately control the market it operates and increase the market share; diversity in service and product provision is necessary. This goes a long way in spreading risks being digital service industry is dynamic. Microsoft as a company avoided this and concentrated on creating software that make PC run. Microsoft didn’t take advantage of their market strength and assuming the role of full-line digital device and Service Company. For instance, the company relied heavily on other companies such Dell, Nokia, HP to develop PCs, phones and Tablets that run their Software due to company’s inability to develop their hardware. Eventually, Microsoft lost a lot of billions in market capitalization

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