Saturday, July 27, 2019

Material Handling in KIZAD, UAE Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Material Handling in KIZAD, UAE - Article Example Receiving of raw materials to the factory is also part of material handling. It is to ensure the correct goods come to the organization and also leave the organization to the customer. The essay will expand on the role and benefits of KIZAD. The primary focus will be on material handling in KIZAD. The Middle East is a world-class logistics hub due to its geographical location. This region has had significant developments in terms of material handling and warehousing. There has been much development in the logistic infrastructure part of UAE. Countries like Abu Dhabi have significant economic development due to the number of businesses that go through the country. There are materials that go through Abu Dhabi before they move to other regions in the world. It is a central point of moving goods across the world. It is, therefore, important that Abu Dhabi develops world class warehouses where the materials being transported are in safe hands. The warehousing business is now a significant part of the economy that has always been dominated by oil and gas. The material handling business in KIZAD has helped the economy grow by 6% every year thus making it enable vision 2030. Abu Dhabi has a fast growth  pace and the manufacturing industries at KIZAD are growing. The need to have warehouses where the materials have a safe handle is increasing on a daily basis. There is not enough knowledge concerning the fast growth of the economy, hence the need for more warehouses in Abu Dhabi. There have however been many warehouses cropping up due to the increase in demand and opening of the port last year. Lessons on how to handle this business are in need so as the goods remain protected and not get damaged during storage. It is important to understand the kind of goods one is handling, as different products require different attention.

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