Friday, July 26, 2019

Why did i choose to study anesthesia technician Essay

Why did i choose to study anesthesia technician - Essay Example What I have finally determined and realized is that I would like to be directly involved in working within a health care environment, as opposed to the previous business organizations that I have served. As long as I can remember, I was always intrigued by facets relating to medicine and health care; and my shelves are filled with medical books that perfectly coexist with other literary works; among which are Practical Doctor Dictionary and Jane Eyre, Avicenna, Castaneda. The working experiences I had for various organizations such as an auditing firm, the Rublev and K, the Bryansk Federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Bryansk Branch â€Å"Turboremont† Gazprom, and the TA billing office UMUC in Germany, all focused on my competencies within the finance and accounting functions. Although I acknowledge my responsibilities as crucial in ensuring that the internal funds of these organizations are appropriately in order and properly managed, the fulfillment that I long to experience within a health care environment is not achieved. I felt that there remains a void to needs to be filled and the quest for changing direction in one’s profession would satisfy this need. My search for entry to the health care endeavor has been addressed as I looked closely in the which promises to develop my skills in the areas of preparation of much needed medications, setting up of equipment, as well as maintenance of anesthesia supplies. I am actually looking forward to having hands-on experiences working with patients who need to be prepared for anesthetic procedures. I recognize that my contribution would be beneficial for the treatment of patients seeking improvement in their health conditions and overall wellbeing. Eventually, I see myself as seeking higher personal and professional goals using this career path to obtain additional certifications and the opportunity to

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