Monday, August 12, 2019

Community Health Project Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Community Health Project - Coursework Example With this concern, the community of Minneapolis MN can be determined as one of the largest cities in the United States with more than 387,000 citizens situated in the banks of the Mississippi river. The demographic description of Minneapolis signifies its increasing population which has been considered as one of the most populated areas among the 906 cities in the state of Minnesota. The average household income of Minneapolis can be estimated as USD 46,075 in the year of 2010. In the similar context, the median age has been estimated as 31.4 years old young people involving white, black and Hispanics within Minneapolis ethnic/racial groups (Cubit Planning, Inc., 2012). Windshield Survey The windshield survey of any community involves the collection of subjective data in a personal observation about any population or community. With this regards, the surveyors implement his/her good judgments in data collection process. In the context of conducting windshield survey for Minneapolis c ommunity, the assessment will be comprised with the comprehensive study of significant informational areas where the population or community resides. ... ding to systematic plans The general condition of the housing in the community were mostly traditional and hence require regular maintenance Open Space The space location within the community can be considered in a proper way of using open space among each building The open spaces are constructed noticeably in safe and attractive forms in Minneapolis community Common Areas The common areas for hangout in Minneapolis are the banks of Mississippi and Stone Arch Bridge The families, schools and college students spend their weekends in various attractive hangout areas within the community as well Transportation The transportation facility in Minneapolis consists of bus services, personal vehicles along with car rental facilities Moreover, the inhabitants use their motorbikes and bicycles as an efficient source of transportation Social Service Centers The community is surrounded with more than 25 healthcare institutions, both government and private as well Various healthcare facilities to cure different health issues are rendered to the locales A sufficient number of recreation centers along with special treatment centers and medical institutions are also present within the community Stores The resident shops in Minneapolis are mostly situated in the major streets of the community The shoppers of the community use personal as well as commercial vehicles during shopping The shops mostly serve with fresh food items including, groceries, fruits along with other necessities Street Scene The street environment of the community is significantly efficient due to a proper arrangement of shops and other business complexes There are no stray dogs and cats or â€Å"watchdogs† found on the street of Minneapolis community Condition of the Area The community can be considered as well-kept

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