Thursday, August 29, 2019

English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 17

English - Essay Example There are advantages and disadvantages to mobile phone technology, and pros and cons can be explored to find a good balance. Just ten or twenty years ago, mobile phones were being dismissed as a fat or a passing phase. But today, everyone has to have the latest phone. Most people have the latest mobile and their own reasons to have their mobiles in their hands. The young generation seems to have more of these mobile phones than anyone else. It allows making and receiving calls and text, playing games, surfing the internet and listening to music. Often, all of these tasks are in one machine, so that there is integration. The features that attract the users to mobile phones are that people like ringtones, mp3, wallpapers, camera, video recordings, picture messaging (MMS), and Bluetooth mobile technology. These technologies are constantly evolving, and making communication faster and better between people. Unfortunately, it is not always cheap. But mobile phones can also be affordable, such as pay-as-you-go plans and simple phones without a lot of internet or 3G/4G extras. If you want to imagine the importan ce of mobile phones to people, just ask them to leave their phones separate from them for a day, and then see their reaction. That shows how people became dependent on their mobile phones. According to a survey that was done In Germany there were used to be 2.4 million mobile phones in 1994 but in 2007 it has increased to 97.4 million and now worldwide it is about 3 billion (Alexander, 2008). This shows a short period of growth but a very rapid growth in the amount of people using wireless phone. Especially with the introduction of internet-capable cell phones, people have been expanding their options. Mobile phones made the life of each person that uses it is easier, fast and more comfortable, it allows a person to stay in touch with his family, friends whenever and wherever they need to. It is

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