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Six sigma method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Six sigma method - Essay Example Firstly, process outputs usually confront variations that are reduced by continuous efforts of the executives, in order to develop the business in an effective manner. Secondly, measurement, analysis, and controlling of different business processes, such as manufacturing, supply, marketing, etc. is done by the people at managerial positions. Thirdly, entire organization should be encouraged to participate in the different business processes, in order to achieve a quality position of the company. In this regard, every employee from the top-level management to the clerk has been emphasized in the Six-Sigma method. In definition, when quality production according to the specifications is acquired by the highly capable procedures and strategies, the ability of these processes has been referred as the Six-Sigma. Particularly, improvement of all the processes involved in a business is the major objective of the Six-Sigma method. In the year 1986, Motorola Company registered the service and trademark, Six Sigma. One of the major achievements of utilization of Six-Sigma method is the savings of more than fifteen billion dollars that was achieved by the Motorola in the year 2006. In addition, some of the major multinational companies have acquired and implemented the strategies of six-sigma method in their practices and have achieved significant results, such as Honeywell International, General Electric, etc. In specific, standard deviation of a population is generally represented by the Greek letter '' in lower case and referred as Sigma. In this regard, every item can be produced and supplied according to the given specifications, is the chief objective and theory of the six-sigma method. However, a number of experts have criticized the practicality of its approach, but this method has been able to achieve implementation in a number of companies around the globe. (Brue, 2002) A business process that implements a six-sigma method usually results in the production of approximate four defective parts out of every million production according to the definition of a six-sigma method, which has been significantly accepted by most of the business companies around the world. In terms of supply, 3.4 products will be supply beyond the specifications in every one million products in a six-sigma method. The process mean and the closest limit of specification share the number of standard deviations that is referred as the sigma in a capability study. The six-sigma method usually implies perfection rather than imperfection; however, the creators of six-sigma method have accepted that this method usually works effectively in short term processes, rather than the long-term procedures that usually produce more products that are defective. Methodology Generally, two important methodologies of six-sigma method have been accepted by most of the businesses around the world. In this regard, W. Edwards Deming was the first person to introduce and inspired others to the two strategies of the six-sigma method. Specifically, DMAIC and DMADV are the two abbreviations of the important methodologies found in the six-sigma method. When efforts are made to improve an existing business process, the efforts under the six-sigma met

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