Thursday, August 8, 2019

Law Enforcement Culture Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Law Enforcement Culture - Term Paper Example These cultural forces do not allow one to report any form of irregularity that another police officer engaged in even if you do not agree with it. This could be corruption incidences, illegal use of force to the public or any other acts not in line with good police rules and regulations. In essence, shapes what is right or wrong as amongst them whether or not it’s in the book. Those who violate this kind of norm are met with severe sanctions from, not just the officer on the wrong but also the entire workforce. This sanction may include even physical assault on each other. Some writers have argued that this kind of culture grows stronger because generally police officers feel alienated, (Dellattre, 1994), and the only people who can understand them are other police officers who are able to identify with their specific problems and so they need to participate in the code of silence for them to feel accepted. Since police institutions are filled with injustices, hard punishments and corruption of the superiors, most of the police officers feel that their workplace has largely victimized them and use this excuse to engage in misconduct. Then if they are caught in their acts, they will manipulate other officers or even engage in arm-twisting to escape punishment. Participating in the code of silence is their way of not just achieving a sense of belonging but also of hiding away from punishment from their misconducts since no other colleague will be testifying against them. Effective Communication and Proper Presentation of Oneself Since talking to the superiors about a colleague’s misconduct is against the culture and may result to sanction from one’s peers, it is important to be careful if you are planning to maintain good morals and dignity in the workforce. First of all, effective communication is paramount, (Anonymous, 2006). Good communication will help other police officers feel accepted in their workplace to drive away their feelings of victimization and frustration. They need to accept their job and the challenges that come with it. It will help them maintain a positive attitude when they are working and they needn’t try and drown their frustration on innocent citizens or in drugs. One also needs to ensure that there is a good channel of communication with the superiors through which the police can air their grievances. The police administration needs to know the things that their subordinates are not comfortable with, whether it’s in promotion, way of carrying out discipline or other issues. All functions of the administration should be performed fairly and in transparency so that no one is left with feelings of bitterness and resentment. Those who have been caught in any form of misconduct should be justly punished so as to deter others from doing the same and to make them see that justice is being done. Ethical training amongst the police force should be advocated for which will instill upon them a sense of dignity and responsibility not to engage in certain acts. Further, one needs to carry themselves with dignity and needn’t succumb to the vices of their colleagues. They should be the ones to correct their colleagues when they are about to engage in misconducts and give them warnings against doing the same. He should not be afraid to condemn wrong actions as well as congratulate good behaviour and as such, be the custodians of good morals within the institution. For the few who

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