Monday, April 29, 2019

Communicating During a Downsizing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 28

Communicating During a downsizing - Case Study ExampleThe slogan for the operation is transformation with reaffirmation meaning that change is infallible but there is always a reason for it. Through a deep deliberation, it is decided that the vanquish method to inform the employees that they are being let go is the use of the face to face conversation due to how serious the issue is. It is important to explain to the employees the need for change, the method of handling it, and the necessary jump out available to the hospital employees. Much control is to be given to the employees and for this reason the use of open communication. Employees instinctive to undergo early retirement are to forward their details. Basing on the respond the action can be taken to layoff those willing and save those willing to remain. Those laid off are to undergo counseling, attend workshops on resume building, issued with recommendations from the hospital, and anything that is of benefit to the care er of the employee and life (Lehman & Dufrene, 2011).A clear timeframe for the layoff events is created so that everyone is aware of the sequence of events for the layoff. It patrons in ensuring that everyone has the desired information about the process. A track record of how the employees are coping with the change is explicate through a series of records to ensure a seamless flow of events. It gives a control jibe to help when the need arises. However, the process is not expected to be definite as there is no easy layoff but the aim of the communication is to ensure that the employees understand the need for change. The plan is also to help the hospital maintain its reputation and do what it has done (Lehman & Dufrene, 2011).The hospital is faced with a situation where two hundred employees out of 1500 should downsize. It is a fact that the hospital does not operate in isolation but in the environment that needs consideration in effecting the step. The general public is anothe r element to consider in effecting the issue. The government, the local community, the investors and other friends of the hospitals to be put into consideration (Clampitt, 2009).

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