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The Vietnam War Essay Example for Free

The Vietnam War EssayThe Vietnam War is a encroach with Vietnamese against itself, newton Vietnam or the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the National Front for the Liberation of southwestward Vietnam, wherein the the Statesns got k nonty mistakenly and honorably. (see Wikipedia) It is an effort to unify Vietnam into a single state. But then it is con fontred as false and rascally theory. As per John Pilger, this war is an invasion of Vietnams homeland and lives. (see globular Issues) It is by far the long-dated war in the century of the States against North and due south of Vietnam. The Vietnam conflict with America is included in the mo Indochina dated 1954-1975 that grew out from the long conflict between France and Vietnam. (see Wikipedia) It is widely reflected in history and media that America lost this war because of the guerilla movement in Vietnam. (see planetary Issues) It is also believed that America lost this war due to the contribution of media that is a gainst it. (see planetary Issues)Actually, Vietnam approached US for assistance in building a nation from the Second Word War and chiefly from French imperialism to achieved control for South Vietnam. (see Global Issues) It is believed that US alimentati 1d Vietnams independence and determination.But then, US turned d aver the assistance that is why they turned to the other superpower at that time, the Soviet Union. (see Global Issues) Ho Chi Minh, communist leader, appealed to President Truman for assistance because Vietnamese valued to pattern their constitution with the American government. (see Global Issues) But America declined to accept their freedom and instead assort with the French. Vietnam was then forced to turn to China and the Soviet Union. (see Global Issues)United States is believed to give support to South Vietnam. They deployed personnel and US military advisers in 1956 to be responsible for training the army of South Vietnam. (see Global Issues) President N ixon purpose was to strengthen South Vietnam. US declined to support North Vietnam due to their communist tenet to which US is not partaking. They came to advocate the authorities in the South who were said to be attacked by the North Vietnamese. (see Global Issues)The opposition said that America actually lost the war. It is included in the criticism of the media. on that point are two most influential beliefs on why America lost this war. First, media undermined the military and governmental effort through media coverage, especially on television, in America. (see Global Issues) Second is that most of the journalists and broadcasters were against the war. It is on the self-coloured of American media which resulted that war is a failed crusade. (see Global Issues)It has been reported that South Vietnamese had taken up fortify to defend their villages and homeland. The North Vietnam Government was not recognized by the United States and the reason why US declined to assist b ecause it is believe to be improper to acknowledge such correspondence. (see Global Issues)During the war, it is believed that it was the time where US dispatched its superior ever land army and even offered the French two atomic bombs to use prior to its get the better of in 1954. (see Global Issues) They pursued military strategies designed for great softwood to abandon homes like usage of chemicals. Millions of people were killed and maimed, virtually were Americans and the rest are Vietnamese.The agreement to end the war included $3.25 billion of grant aid for 5 years to which was never paid. (see Global Issues) It is supposed to be for the postwar reconstruction but Vietnam did not reveal all the prisoners of the war who were supposedly part of the deal to aid. (see Global Issues) This is a tragic write for Americans who comport been unaware of the fate of their loved ones. (see Global Issues)The Vietnam conflict with the intervention of America is not really a war betwe en the two countries. It is said that America lost this war. But America did not really lose it because in the first place, America was there to become an ally and just to support South Vietnamese for their fight against aggression from the North. Ineffectiveness is a more appropriate term. The way that Americans implemented their policy is ineffective in this conflict. Americas main goal is to unite Vietnam into one state. (see Global Issues) America failed to achieve that goal.The conflict highlighted more on the Cold War ideological battle. It reported and visualized on the killings and tragedies that happened in the War. It focused more on the bad mistake. The good intentions were rarely questioned and carried out poorly. The media make coverage of America in an extremely one-sided story. (see Global Issues) It resulted to inaccurate reporting because only fragments were told. They mainly focused on the nature of the war. The atrocity of the war were mistakenly branded and blun dered.Americans are on the side of South Vietnam that opposed the aggression from the communist, the North Vietnam. What really happened in this war was internal aggression. (see Global Issues) Wherein they invaded and attacked their own country and people. But then there were confusion on who really were allies on this war. The non-communist South Vietnam was said to be invaded by the communist, North Vietnam. (see Global Issues) United States therefore came to the side of the democratic regime in the South. But it was reported untrue. It is because Ho Chi Minh sent regular forces to assist the American attacks. (see Global Issues) He was persuaded to send regular armies to support the South in their opposition to American invasion. (see Global Issues)America lost the war in Vietnam. But millions of acres of forest were destroyed through herbicides poisoning, millions of people were slaughtered, sift fields were left with spots of bomb craters after winning its freedom. It is beli eved that in a war, no one really win or lose. Though they achieved what they are fighting for, they lose a great deal as well. Vietnam might have the independence and freedom they wanted but it caused them a lot earlier they achieved it. In contrast, America is still one of the most powerful countries in the world. They still aid and support other countries.But what is the measurement of victory? Is it shown in wealth or material possessions? Or is it deliberate by power? Or achieving what we really wanted though nothing was left afterwards? sweet does not end or achieve from a certain period of time. Victorious winning is seen on how you live after or if you were able to cope up with life after the battle.Fighting for what you intrust and achieving it is a great reward for winning. On the process of achieving for these goals, you may lose some, but gain some as well. It really doesnt matter if Vietnam conflict is a Winnable War. What matters most is the lesson learned from thi s war. The experiences happened, whether good or bad. Making things better and hoping that none of this will happen again in the future. To be able to have a peaceful world that can only be attained if we will not permit selfishness rule over us.Most people believed that US lost the war. But Vietnam was destroyed to its core where it could be a pool of hope for the next generation and development option in Asia. If only plans were do and done effectively, things might have been different or it could be better than what happened.REFERENCESShah, Anup (29 December 2002). Media Propaganda and Vietnam. Retrieved October 15, 2006,from War, Propaganda and the Media Website http//www.globalissues.org/HumanRights/Media/Propaganda/Vietnam.aspThemedialostthewarforAmericaVietnam War Retrieved October 15, 2006, from Wikipedia Websitehttp//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnam_warRichard_Nixon_and_Vietnam_.281969.E2.80.931974.29

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