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Criminal Justice for Mentally Sick Offenders Coursework

Criminal Justice for kindly Sick Offenders - Coursework ExampleThe round off examines these problems and presents recommendations for preventing such problems and alleviating it further. In this connection Mental Health Act 1984 was taken into study including all given(p) references, results and conclusions. After research of clinical studies it came into light that 6 to 15 percent someones are in city and county jails and 10 to 15 percent persons in the state prisons are suffering from severe mental disorder and poor functioning. A considerable numbers from them are homeless, it seems that a majority of mentally sick person are arrested compare to general population of the society. One of the causes evaluated during research in criminal justice constitution is deinstitutionalization. Adopt more rigid criteria for civil necessities, lack of complete community treatment and the harsh strength of police and society with this neglected segment of society. This segment is hardly access to community treatment and fundamental amenities of life. Recommendations include reforms in the act through which addressful necessary treatment and after care treatment whitethorn be provided to such people. Jail detainees should go through a careful cover process and as per their past history and family support, as well as, police officers should be trained formally in this regard. In order to create a positivism segment in our society, offenders having mental disorders may get mental wellness training, when a minor offence have been committed by them. contentsS. Name of ChapterPage 1.1.1Chapter 1Mental Health Act 1984 .51.2Who is Patient under the Law.52.Chapter 2Criminal Justice System Related To Mentally Disordered Offenders62.1Definition of Mental Disorder ..62.2Health, Social Work and Related Services for Mentally Disordered Offenders62.3 real Health and Social Work Services Health Services72.4Local General and rhetorical Psychiatric Services.72.5Out Patient and Community Service.82.6In Patient Care 82.7Intensive Psychiatric Care Units92.8Forensic Psychiatric Service92.9Secure furnish92.10Admissibility of Confessions..102.11Diversions and Public Interest Considerations ..103.Chapter 3The Standard For Information Required For Establishing A Mental Disorder.114.Chapter 4 Some important figures / Tables / Graphs regarding mentally sick criminals/patients.135.Chapter 5 primary(a) Care Criteria for Mentally Disordered Patient.155.1Medical Reports155.2Criteria for Adults..165.3Referral Letter for Adults...175.4Criteria for Children Adolescents ...175.5Referral Letter for Children...186.Chapter 6Use of Mental Health Act 1984.216.1Before the Assessment..226.2During the Assessment..236.3Section 24..236.4Section 18..246.5Arranging Admission.256.6If the patient is not admitted .266.7Responsibilities of the Police (Home Office Circular No. 12/95)266.8Hospital Directions277.Chapter 7renewal of Mentally Disordered Offenders 288.Chapter 8Proposals to Ref orm Mental Health...329.Chapter 9Editorial by Jill Peay and Nigel Eastman 3510.Chapter 10Editorial by Professor Jill Peay An indefensible gap in mental health law ...3711.Chapter 11Book Review of Professor Jill Peay Book..3812.Chapter 12Results and Discussions 4213.Chapter

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