Friday, April 26, 2019

Motivation Techniques in Workforce Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 9

Motivation Techniques in Workforce - Case Study ExampleBig peters order is supposed to have good human resource policies (Bernanke 23). It gives fair treatment to all employees and has a no-layoff policy. It is recommended that the human resource managers be motivating their employees to be more productive by offering incentives. The incentives admit a medical cover, gifts and so onThere is a need for Big Rays company to promote a team spirit where everyone in the organization is made to believe that they are in this thing together (Bernanke 25). This will apply to all managers and employees. Great things will be achieved when people die together.Communication problems are supposed to be resolved in order to enhance loyalty. Lack of talk is interpreted by employees as not caring. Open and frequent communication with employees at Big Rays company will build trust and diminishes fear. Communication is important because employees will air their grievances and engage suggestions. This is important at the Big Rays company because of the nature of the job. This should be maintained because it boosts the esprit de corps of piddleers.Motivation is important in any work because it increases job performance (Bernanke 27). Employees who are motivated to work by being given bonuses increase their output than their counterparts who are not given bonuses, financial incentives etc.Employees work well in an environment that is free of too much noise and health hazards. For example, the res publica where the materials at Big Rays company is handled, cut and processed is loud and dangerous. This is supposed to be reduced in order to compete with their competitors who offer good working conditions to their employees.

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