Sunday, April 21, 2019

Consumerism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Consumerism - bear witness ExampleBecause of increased intensive drudgery of numerous, this heightened living standards of the English as well as new-fangled(prenominal) people belong from the same caste. People enjoyed the experience of acquiring material possessions, which where once prized for their durability oer fashionability. This also led to the emergency of more sophisticated designers majoring in trendy products (Mackendrick, brewer & Plumb 2). ground on my opinion, I think current US designers ideas are highly valued in production of new items in the market aimed at satisfying the consumer. For instance, the newly graduates from universities and colleges who have studied fashion designs courses (Mackendrick, Brewer & Plumb 5). Inventing more advanced manufacturing industries, to cater for increased customers demands world wide much(prenominal) as textile industries. In addition, a manufacturer notifies customers online, in the newspapers, magazines or social media abo ut new products in the market through internet, local and international newspapers. Issuing of trade cards to individual clients, so buying and selling be more advanced by giving out special printed cards to customers like business cards (Mackendrick, Brewer & Plumb

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