Sunday, April 28, 2019

Research Agenda in Cloud Computing Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Agenda in Cloud Computing - Research Proposal ExampleThis convey volition require a survey of the available nurture or literature by the engagement of a methodical and principled approach all the major databases of enquiry for computer science will be searched, and these include the ACM Digital Library, the Google Scholar, the IEEE Xplore, the ScienceDirect together with the SpringerLink, for the key words such as cloud computing, attend to Infrastructure, elastic computing, Service Software, utility computing, Service Platforms, the IaaS, Service Everything, the XaaS as well as the PaaS. Nevertheless, the range of information of data for this search will be limited from the yr 2009 to the month of April 2013. This range of date is picked because the research is initiated in the month of April 2013. In addition, it is the best range because it is fairly long after the launching of all public clouds in the year 2005, thus there is adequate or sufficient data call for for the s urvey to be accurate.For instance, the EC2 was first launched by Amazon in the month of August 2006, while the App engine was launched by Google in April 2008. The term cloud computing, according to the Google Trends, began to become well known in the year 2007. After searching from the targeted five databases, we will find out the total number of constitutions returned. The papers abstracts together with titles will also be read, and for the purposes of quality, only peer-reviewed papers will be utilise for the review. However, only a very small number of the articles that are non peer-reviewed can be used.

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