Monday, April 22, 2019

First native women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

First native women - Essay ExampleThe basis for Lavell and Bedard for their ingest of discrimination was how Aboriginal women would lose their Indian status when a non-Indian or a non-registered Indian marital them. In addition, it meant that Lavells children would be deprived of their Indian status. Lavell argued that Section 12 (1) (b) discriminated the women gender, and the sections should be repealed, in parity to the 1960 Bill of Rights (5). Lavells chance was the first that dealt with discrimination because of sex. Because of these discriminatory sections, many Indian women were denied their heritage, and not by the will, but because of an archaic law. Lavell did not like how the acts that were set to govern the Indian reserves were being operated, whereby it stated who is not and who is acknowledged as an Indian. Lavell was furious ab tabu how the Indian Act allowed the male Indian, who happened to marry out retained their status and were able to pass it on to their non-In dian wives and to their children.The male Indian wives, even though they sometimes did not have First Nation ancestry they were entitled to full status. The result of the discriminatory sections was the possible ostracism of more than ninety thousand women, their children and their spouses from their societies and traditional homelands (Lavell 7). It caused great emotional, psychological and economic suffering to the stirred people. Lavell was not pleased with this outcome because when she married she was sent a notice submitting that she was no longer set as an Indian as stated in Section 12 (1) (b) of the Indian Act. It is because she was a no native who had married David Lavell a native. These grave effects for enfranchised First Nation women made Lavell go to court to challenge the Indian Act.Lavells claim was supported by Bedard, who joined her in 1973 when she appealed for her case after losing it at trial. Lavell had lost her case on the basis that the Canadian Bill of rig ht

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