Tuesday, April 23, 2019

THE GLOBALIZATION OF PRODUCTION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7000 words

THE sphericisation OF PRODUCTION - Essay ExampleIn fact world-wideization, in the sense of participation of the orbit communities in exchange of culture, thoughts, theory, and trade has been there for several centuries. Yet the concept of globalization has undergone radical changes in the knightly century. Now it stands for something more than just the diffusion and osmosis of the economic, social, and political theories, practices, and technologies. Now every country is as very much part of globalization as globalization has become a part of every country. Globalization is as much a universal phenomenon as it is an internal phenomenon. It is not only the exchange of knowledge or adoption of better technologies. The meaning of globalization is not only limited to the idea of modernization or imitating a certain culture or practice. Globalization in itself has become a culture in its own rights and it has managed to bring the world closer. Now events happening at a distant geog raphy atomic number 18 part of the local affair of the people. The development of technology has paved the way for this massive spread of ethnical and economic activity. The amount and nature of interaction has changed fundamentally in the past century due to the quick technological advancement that the world has seen. There has been an immense development in the world of technologies. Transport and logistics kick in developed substantially. The modes of communication have become extremely complex yet the diversity and speed that has been achieved was beyond imagination for the past generations. The entire world has come under a single network, which has facilitated social and cultural exchange, political interaction, and economic participation to a large extent (Globalization, n.d.). Free trade as a mode of development has gained wide popularity in the context of globalization and the volume of trade in the world is huge. The global market has become a very important force for the economic development of any(prenominal) country and all the countries is in the world are exposed to a certain extent or the other to the climate of the global market. The global markets have a tremendous influence on the financial status and the economic policies of a country. Therefore the sovereign states have to consider the global scenario during the construction of their economic plans. The emergence of advanced transport and communication system has revolutionized the divisor markets. The factors of production are now fit to transcend the geographical and political borders of a country at ease. This has made the nations follow the terms of the global markets and the supremacy of the nation states has given way to the domination of a handful of enterprises called the transnational corporations. Globalization has also led to the transformation of the multinational corporations to transnational corporations. These transnational corporations have become one of the major players of the global economy. They control a large chunk of the global markets. However their management and capital are not tied to any country. They are managed internationally, from various parts of the world wherever they have a posture advantage. Similarly they can also shift their capital and other factors to places where they can have a factor market advantage. Therefore their production and marketing strategies adopt a global perspective. The transnational corporations therefore put up to the global market by operating globally.

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